Established in February 2005 in California, as a non-profit, public benefit corporation.

Aim and Objectives: To promote the socio-cultural and economical status of Nepalese in America, enhance relationship between American Nepalese communities, help to educate the poor students, conflict sufferers, and others in desperate need.

To protect fundamental human rights and establishment of peace and preserve democracy, in Nepal and rest of the world.


1) Meetings and interactions held on various date, about the current situation in Nepal and its impact on everyday life of an ordinary people, how we can help achieve peace and restore democracy in Nepal, so that people there can enjoy life with basic human rights.

2) On February 4,2004. Donation of Rs. 72,572 was provided to the family of Journalist Gyanendra Khadka, who was killed by Maoist insurgents, at Sindhu Palchowk, Kavre, Nepal.

3) On August 27,2004.Donation of 25,000 Rs was provided to the family of journalist Dikendra Khadka.Who was killed by Maoist, at Dailekh, Nepal.

4) On February 14, 2005.Donation of 10,000 Rupees, was provided to Ram Pradhan, a porter, who was in hospital with both legs broken in an traffic accident, in Kathmandu, Nepal.

5) On September 25, 2005. Publication of the book “Patrakarita ko Khoj,”a hand book of journalism, written by Mr. Kapil Kafle and audited by Mr. Tapa Nath Shukla.

6) On June 17, 2006. The cultural show of MaHa group was organized by us, here in Alameda, California This program was held to raise a fund to build a hospital for the victims of conflicts and to restore democracy in Nepal.

7) On On October 26,2006 Publication of a novel "Susan Chandika", by Kapil Kafle. It is novel about the life in general during the agitation period and was brought to public in a programme by Govinda Gothale and Madan Mani Dixit in Kathmandu

8) On On November 11,2006 a) Live concert of the most popular singer of Nepal Mr. Nabin K.Bhattarai, was organized by Motherland Nepal. Venue Laney College auditorium in Oakland. The fund raised from this programme will go to charity deeds. b) A certificate award programme was included in it . Certificates of appreciation was awarded by President Anil Pandey to various social workers and artists of Bay area. c) A tribute to late singer Uttam Rai was paid , who passed away on 8th November. A charity fund of $743 was instantly raised there, for his last rituals.


Maha in San francisco

Publication of "Susan Chandika" in Kathamandu


Executive members of Motherland Nepal with Nabin K. Bhattarai

Anil Pandey Anil C Pradhan Sajjan Pandey Sujit Rajbhandary Reena Dixit Gokarna Tiwari

Contact : 2106 Ottis drive unit E, Alameda, Ca 94501,  Phone:1-510-769-9139